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Welcome to, a blog about software in the .

GitHub Pages and pub-server

A git repo is used to manage content in markdown files. Generating HTML into the /docs folder in the same repo makes for an easy publishing workflow.

  1. Write and preview locally using pub.
  2. When ready to publish, generate the HTML with pub -O.
  3. git commit and git push to make the changes live.

Here are the GitHub Pages settings:
Github Pages Settings

AWS Route 53

The domain name was registered with the registrar at AWS. This was the only part of the site which required any payment.

Route 53 Domain


Cloudflare manages the DNS name servers, SSL, CNAME flattening, redirection from HTTP to HTTPS, and also serves as an additional CDN layer in front of GitHub Pages.

Cloudflare DNS Cloudflare Pagerule

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